Yoga means to Unite or make Whole. Sadhana means Spiritual Practice

From the viewpoint of everyday awareness, we appear to be separate, apart from each other and from nature. As awareness expands through spiritual practice and enquiry, we can begin to perceive that in reality all is One. The body and mind are manifestations of the same energy vibrating at different rates and the same consciousness that flows through you, flows through me and all of nature.

The aim of Yoga-Sadhana, is not only an intellectual understanding but an experiential realisation of Unity. It is a profound and liberating shift in perception, the result is Freedom from suffering on all levels.

Yoga is non-competitive (that's harder than it sounds). It can be practiced by people of every age, ability and physicality. It has no religious component and can be practiced alongside any religious beliefs or non-beliefs.

Wholistic Health

Yoga is such an effective means to achieve a healthy body and mind because of the emphasis on Unity and Harmony. Wholistic health requires the systems of the body to work together, in harmony, as one unit. Equally important is that our thoughts, emotions and actions (head, heart and hands) are in harmony and working together towards the same goal. It is also therefore important to have a goal, and an understanding of the relationship between energy and consciousness and to ponder the question "Who am I?"Or as the Greek Philosophers put it Know Thyself (or Know Thy Self). 

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
— Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Conscious Evolution

Conscious evolution through Yoga is not a matter of striving to achieve or become anything. You are already perfect and the possibilities are already infinite. It is a process of deepening awareness, gaining insight and letting go of any and all limiting beliefs. 

Limiting beliefs create tension, they conflict with what we know at a deeper level to be true. When we let go of tensions from the body/mind, energy is released, and when energy is released, consciousness expands. And when consciousness expands, healing, creativity and spiritual evolution naturally follow. 

Photography by Claudia Lorrabaquio