Yoga-Sadhana Retreats

Wholistic Health and Conscious Evolution through Yoga 

Yoga means Union, to yoke together or make Whole and Sadhana means Spiritual Practice.

We live in a world of duality, of opposites. This is how the world appears to us most of the time. The body seems seperate from the mind, we appear to be seperate from each other and from nature, but in reality all opposites are two sides of the same coin, a different manifestation of the same energy.  

There appear to be many causes of suffering in this world, but if we really dig down, the cause of all suffering stems from a false sense of  seperateness.

The aim of Yoga-Sadhana is the realisation of Unity and Freedom from suffering on all levels.

Wholistic Health

This is a simplification but.. two opposing forces co-exist in within us: Energy and Consciousness

The nature of energy is movement. When there is physical or mental tension, energy gets stuck, it cannot flow in it's natural way and this ultimately manifests as dis-ease at some level.

Conversely, the nature of consciousness is stillness. By adding the quality of stillness to movement (or consciousness to energy) tensions can be identified and released. Every yogic practice from asana to meditation aims to bring energy and consciousness into a state of balance so that tensions are identified and released. Ultimately as the two opposing forces are integrated, they are also transcended. 

When energy flows, consciousness expands, and when consciouness expands, healing, creativity and spiritual evolution naturally follow.

Conscious Evolution

Yoga is not a matter of striving to achieve or become anything; in reality you are already perfect and whole. Your true nature is described in Yoga as "Being, Consciousness, Bliss" (Sat-Chit-Ananda).

Yoga essentially, is a set of practices and techniques to identify and let go of any limiting beliefs or false ideas that create inner conflict so that you become free to be and express yourself, joyously and effortlessly.

One of the central principles of yoga is to be fully aware and accepting of the present moment as it is without suppressing anything, without the idea of achieving anything, or any expectation of how we think this moment 'should be'. This practice enables us to become truly self aware of our unconscious reactions and conditionings, and as we become aware of them, they naturally fall away and we become more able to fully experience all the joys and the challenges in life, with clarity and equanimity.

Yoga is non-competitive, it can be practiced by people of every age, ability and physicality. It has no religious component and can be practised alongside any religious beliefs or non beliefs.