A "Yoga Detox" is a wholistic detox for the body, mind and the emotions. The programme is designed as a retreat rather than a holiday; the days are very structured and full, giving the opportunity to really shift some stuff. Having said that, all sessions are optional and you can do as much or as little of it as you want. There is also time built into the programme to relax, explore the beautiful surrounding countryside or take advantage of the holistic treatments available.

Each of the physical, mental and emotional aspects will be addressed by the various yogic practices to detox by releasing tensions, and bringing about states of vitality and balance. Beyond this, the practices of yoga allow us to witness the fluctuations of the body, the mind and emotions and expand our awareness to experience more subtle states which transcend the normal dualities of life. Put another way, it is the physical, mental and emotional fluctuations which generally cause us to be either in heaven when we feel great or or in hell when we are feeling, hm.. less than great. This yoga retreat will allow space to make the journey of discovery beyond these normal states of flux to experience something of our true nature.

Our true nature is described by Yoga as Sat-Chit-Ananda: Being-Consciousness-Bliss. Most of the time our awareness is directed outside ourselves due to the pressures of daily life; this retreat is about taking a few days to journey inwards and plug in to the Source, from which all things manifest. We ARE already perfect, we just need a little dedicated time to let go of tensions and transform them to energy - so let's do this detox thang!!! ;)

The retreat venue is set in 3 acres of beautiful woodland amidst the stunning mountains of Snowdonia. There are 7 rooms which are all ensuite and designed with style and comfort in mind. The house and annexes can accommodate a maximum of 12 guests.  The location is easily accessible by road or direct train (from London Euston is 3.5 hours to Bangor and then a short taxi ride from the station for approx. £12). Transfers can be arranged on request.  Nearest airports are Liverpool and Manchester.

You can find some photos of the retreat venue and the surrounding countryside here

For more information on travel or anything else or to book your place, please send me a secure message through the Contact page or alternatively you call me on 07776 333070.

Once you have had confirmation of your place on the retreat please fill in the registration form.

Thank you - look forward to seeing you soon!!!