Wholistic Health and Conscious Evolution through Yoga 

 Courses and Retreats run by Sadhanamurti (Geraldine Duff)


The culmination of Yoga Sadhana (Yoga as a spiritual practice) is a profound and liberating shift in perception enabling the transcendence and integration of the dualities inherent in life.

We are beings of Energy and Consciousness - Shakti and Shiva - Movement and Stillness.

These two opposing forces co-exist within us. The nature of energy is movement. Where there is physical, mental or emotional tension, energy is prevented from flowing in it's natural way and this inner conflict ultimately manifests as dis-ease at some level. The nature of consciousness is stillness. Tension can be identified and released through conscious movement, breath awareness, mental relaxation and meditation. When energy flows freely, consciousness is expanded, and healing, creativity and spiritual evolution follow.

At some point the question naturally arises, or can be deliberately meditated upon "Who am I?"

 Yoga is not a matter of striving to achieve or become anything; you are already perfect. Your true nature is Being, Consciousness, Bliss (Sat-Chit-Ananda). Yoga essentially, is a set of practices and techniques to help you identify and consciously let go of any ideas or beliefs that create inner conflict so that you are free to Be and express your true Self, effortlessly.

One of the central principles of yoga is to be fully aware and accepting of the present moment as it is without suppressing anything, without the idea of achieving anything, or any expectation of how we think this moment 'should be'. This practice enables us to fully experience all that life has to offer, the joys and the challenges, with clarity and equanimity.

Yoga is non-competitive, it can be practiced by people of every age, ability and physicality. It has no religious component and can be practised alongside any religious beliefs or non beliefs.