Wholistic Health

Yoga is an effective means to a healthy mind/body because it is truly wholistic.  The systems of the body are brought into balance and work together as a whole through asana and pranayama.  Furthermore yoga encourages self-enquiry and the investigation of the fundamental relationship between energy and consciousness within us. Our thoughts, feelings and actions (head, heart and hands) begin to work in harmony and a conscious intention made from a place of stillness and clarity enables us to make conscious choices.

Conscious Evolution

We are already perfect and there are limitless possibilities. Conscious evolution is simply a process of deepening/expanding awareness to gain insight into the nature of reality and let go of all limiting beliefs that create tension with what we know at a deeper level to be true. We can also approach it the other way around: by releasing tensions we release energy and when energy is released, consciousness expands. As consciousness expands we are able to access our natural healing, creative and spiritual faculties with ease. 

Yoga is non-competitive (that's harder than it sounds). It can be practiced by people of every age, ability and physicality. It has no religious component and can be practiced alongside any religious beliefs or non-beliefs.